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Let's find big problems,

then make awesome solutions.




I really like problems.

Problems are negative for a reason - they bother people. And they only become opportunities when you do something about them.

So I like to find the big problems that matter, the ones that really get in the way of people doing what they want to do, and - together with a great team - find awesome solutions to fix them.

To do this, I focus on user experience & product strategy, with a healthy heaping of interaction design in the mix to really make things work the way we want them to.

How do I find problems?

Stakeholder discovery & alignment
User & stakeholders interviews (IDIs)
Observation & contextual inquiry
Quantitative surveys
Research synthesis & analysis
Persona development
User journeys & service blueprints

How do I create solutions?

Vision & strategy creation
Story mapping
Information architecture
Sketching & wireframing
Usability testing

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